AWK • FOX 36 (from 2018)

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  • 150-180mm travel
  • From model year 2018
  • Not compatible with TALAS and Speed ​​Pedelec (E-Bike) suspension forks

The AWK system for the FOX 36 FLOAT EVOL enables individual adjustment of the spring characteristic. In order to achieve a spring characteristic that is as linear as possible, an air escape chamber is installed. A movable separating piston (VST), which is guided in a cylinder, separates the different air pressures in the main and escape chambers. During the compression process, the separating piston is pushed upwards and thus influences the course of the spring characteristic.

Advantages of the AWK system:

  • Approximately linear course of the spring characteristic
  • Individual adaptability
  • Defined force curve
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Accelerated return to the SAG
  • Increased traction

Click here for assembly instructions and pressure table