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PUSH Industries now also offers compression tuning for RockShox Charger 2/2.1 cartridges. This replaces the original damping unit and provides even more comfort and grip. PUSH uses a shimless compression valve, which provides more counterpressure at slow compression speeds and more comfort during fast impacts. Whether fast or slow, the new PUSH compression unit offers maximum performance. The low-speed and high-speed compression can each be adjusted with 28 clicks so that every rider can find their perfect setting. The original rebound piston is optimized for the rider's weight with new shims to improve the function and adjustment range here too.

Better response
  • More grip in curves
  • Increases driving safety
  • Optimal adjustment range

Note: This system replaces the original compression unit of the RockShox Charger 2/2.1 cartridge and thus also the blocking function (Propedal/Lockout) of the suspension fork.
Not compatible with the Charger RC (SELET) damping cartridge.